Hello there!

If you are reading this particular entry it’s probably because you know me, and hopefully, are here to support my new endeavor. I have always enjoyed writing in one form or another. I kept a diary consistently from the time I could form a sentence with a pencil, through all of high school. Only then did I realize that some things shouldn’t be committed to paper! I also kept my creativity bubbling over with various short stories, unfinished outlines, and angsty teenage poems. As I have gone through my young adult years I have felt the tug of the pen but either ignored it or decided not to face off with every writers nemesis, writers block. Life moved on as did I. It has now been over a decade since I have been an active writer, but the time has come to pick up the pen again. Well, in this case, keyboard.

Not unlike the majority of those I know, I spend my few down moments scrolling through social media. Clicking on countless articles about parenting, education, politics, pets, weddings, you get the idea. I often find myself responding to close minded comments, trying obnoxiously to get them to broaden their horizons. Of course, this never happens. I’m nothing more than an anonymous keyboard warrior tackling one comment at a time. It was through this defeating feeling, while trying to convince someone that their views are why step parents have a bad rap, that I realized there is a very simple way to have my voice heard.

So, here it is, TheLittleThings. In its infancy of course. My hope is that I can build this blog up with entries about daily life. That I can use my real, messy, loud, and imperfect life to shine light on the little things that truly matter. If even one stranger finds that their day is brightened or they get the feeling that they aren’t alone, then it’s a blog well served. At the very least, I can shout my opinions online and let the haters hate.


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